BUYERS: Make sure you’re clear to purchase FIRST!

Yesterday, we posted things that sellers should do in order to prepare to list and show. Today, we share a post that may help you if you are even considering PURCHASING a home. We, as agents, come across this many times. A potential buyer calls and wants to see a home, we show and they have no clue the obstacles that could keep them from purchasing. They need to figure out if they can get out of their lease early, if and what they can get approved for, etc. Here’s a list of things to think about before looking to purchase. Make sure you are in the clear to buy your dream home! Always be prepared first, then search. If you do this process the other way around, you could get your hopes up. Have a sunshine day everyone 🙂


How to prepare your home for your listing appointment


Reposted from @Pinterest. We love this chart because it has several things on it that we suggest to our clients before listing their home. We ALWAYS recommend de=cluttering as much as possible. We also recommend setting and staging table with BRIGHT colors to attract the eye. A few other things we recommend that most don’t think of themselves:

  • Make Sure all windows are powerwashed and/or cleaned
  • wipe down baseboards so as to get rid of dust and dirt showing
  • Light a candle that reminds you of home before a showing such as coffee, vanilla, cookies, cake, cinnamon, pumpkin, etc.

We hope this post today has helped you just a little bit more in understanding the home listing process! Tomorrow we will post about how to help the buyer’s side :). Until then, have a Sunshine day!

-The Sunshine Team,

Evelyn, Ashley, Dana & Lisa