Let us TREAT you!!

Get a little SUNSHINE on your rainy, Halloween day :). Happy Halloween!!


Check this HOUZZ out!

Thinking about recreating a room? Redecorating your bedroom? Want to replace those old appliances in your kitchen? Do you need some ideas on where to start with your home?! We found a GREAT website where all the creation that you could think of can come to life! Or if you are stumped on where to start or look, it is fantastic for this too!


Check out www.houzz.com for all your home decorating, design, replacement, etc. ideas and needs! We hope this helps you as much as it has us!

Happy Tuesday!

Get Happy, Get Going!

Is your home missing something? Cramped space? Smaller rooms? No storage? Need to personalize?

Check out the link below to find 10 ways to be happier in your home. We liked it and we know you will too!

Have a great rest of your Sunday. Don’t dread this Monday, get prepared and get going!! 


Sunshine Welcomes OCTOBER!

October is our FAVORITE and one of our busiest months! Call us today at Sunshine Realty to see how we can help you save THOUSANDS of $$$ and get you into your new dream home before then end of fall! We’ll talk to you soon at 636-265-2801. We are lOOking forward to hearing from you!!


Don’t forget to have a SUNSHINE October!! 🙂