Good morning Sunshine!

Today, we’d like to discuss a topic of conversation that has come up several times for both Evelyn and myself this year so far. NEW CONSTRUCTION. It has come to our attention that many buyers do not know that they can even use an agent for new construction. YES, YOU CAN. And even better, WE CAN HELP YOU with incentives, add-ons and throughout the walk through processes! We can make sure you are getting what you pay for and our commission does not hurt you in any way. It is built in to builders package and does not cost you a dime! To explain a bit more, we took to Pinterest and found this gem to help better explain why you should be using an agent to build your new dream home :). Have a Sunshine day and we hope to hear from you soon!

Need help building your dream home? Call Ashley today at 314-313-1773 or our office at 636-336-1330 and ask for Ashley!

-Ashley, Evelyn & Dana


Online vs. In Person Showings

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today, we’d like to share some things that we’ve been hearing from people ALLLL over Missouri lately, from both buyers and sellers. When it comes to looking at homes, it is ALWAYS better to search in person before making any big decisions. You get a better feel of set up, room size, subdivision, etc! We found this awesome Pinterest post to help better explain why you should search in person. AND we can help you do that any day, any time! Give us a call today and ask for Ashley Murphy to find out more information on how we can assist you in your home needs!eddaa2d75c9848a0fb69e1ecb36c8d2f

-The Sunshine Team, your most reliable locally and family owned company for your real estate needs!

Ashley, Evelyn & Dana!