We LOVE checklists…

Here is a helpful checklist for all you buyers who found the perfect house in a very heavy market thanks to Old Republic Title and Pinterest! Hope it helps! Have a Sunshine day!!

-The Sunshine Team



Get Happy, Get Going!

Is your home missing something? Cramped space? Smaller rooms? No storage? Need to personalize?

Check out the link below to find 10 ways to be happier in your home. We liked it and we know you will too!

Have a great rest of your Sunday. Don’t dread this Monday, get prepared and get going!! 


Sharing a closet? Tips here!

Good Morning St. Louis!

Are you sharing a closet with a roommate, sibling or significant other or knows someone who is? Are they having problems communicating which space is who’s? Here is a link to an entry from Better Homes and Gardens that we love that explains how to take the best advantage of shared closet space! Click the link below to a how to video to find out more!



Have a Sunshine day 🙂