When It Comes to YOUR Signature

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Today, we’d like to educate our past, present and future clients on how important it is to understand EXACTLY what you are signing, WHEN you sign it. We’ve come across a lot of clients lately that come to us saying that they signed a buyer’s agency agreement and didn’t know that meant they would have to use that agent for the next 6 months. Even worse, that buyers agency agreement says they owe the agent $400 for just working with them. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pay attention to what you are signing at all times during the real estate process. If you do not understand something, ask as many questions as you need to in order to understand it. It’s so important to know all of your rights and what you are signing in order to have a smooth, easy and pain free process.

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First Time Home Buyer Finance

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Here at Sunshine Realty in St. Louis, we work with a LOT of first time home buyers. Especially with this red hot market right now! Here is a helpful chart that will help all of you, and some even if you are not, first time home buyers! These are all of the financial costs you should be prepared for ahead of time! In our experience, many first time home buyers are most confused about earnest money and closing costs. See below and/or give us a call to help you understand these costs and get you ready to buy your first, or second, or third…. home! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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It’s a Seller’s world after all…

According to Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor and Housing News:

“Existing home sales were down in February. Although demand remains strong, sales were held back by a shortage of homes on the market.

The persistent lack of inventory has helped keep prices rising though. The median house price surged 7.7% from a year ago to $228,400 in February.

New home sales were also up, jumping to a 7-month high in February. Sales were up 12.8% compared to February 2016.”

It’s starting to become a seller’s market again! Get your home listed now before inventory reaches a peak come April! Give us a shout today to find out how we can help you sell your home for less!

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-Your friends at Sunshine Realty
Ashley, Evelyn and Dana

Zillow vs. Reality

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Today, we want to discuss the lovely topic of Zillow. Although we love Zillow as a base for home research, we always warn our buyers that Zillow is not always 100% correct. ESPECIALLY when considering a home’s availability and/or worth. Make sure you consult with a professional before considering offer/purchase price of any home on the market, whether for sale by owner or listed on the MLS. They will be able to pull the correct comps to help you figure out the best price for your new home. Also, homes listed on Zillow are not always available. Recently, I had a buyer send me a list of 10 homes they found on Zillow vs. what they saw on my Realtor MLS set up automatic search. The 3 on my search were all actively available. The other 7 were either not even listed or already under contract. Long story short, always check with a professional and don’t believe everything you see on the internet :). Below is a fun meme we found entertaining :). Have a Sunshine day!