Zillow vs. Reality

Good morning Sunshiners!!

Today, we want to discuss the lovely topic of Zillow. Although we love Zillow as a base for home research, we always warn our buyers that Zillow is not always 100% correct. ESPECIALLY when considering a home’s availability and/or worth. Make sure you consult with a professional before considering offer/purchase price of any home on the market, whether for sale by owner or listed on the MLS. They will be able to pull the correct comps to help you figure out the best price for your new home. Also, homes listed on Zillow are not always available. Recently, I had a buyer send me a list of 10 homes they found on Zillow vs. what they saw on my Realtor MLS set up automatic search. The 3 on my search were all actively available. The other 7 were either not even listed or already under contract. Long story short, always check with a professional and don’t believe everything you see on the internet :). Below is a fun meme we found entertaining :). Have a Sunshine day!



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